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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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pretty good idea of what is happening with our transportation in san francisco. thank you very much. commissioner campos: thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> i would like to comment more on the way the public comment is perceived by the members of this committee and others and the board of supervisors. one of the things i noticed in just observing how public comment is treated is that there are always two or 3 certain members of the committee or board of supervisors to think that public comment, which is the only way that 99% of the citizens can access there elected -- their elected representatives are treated with contempt. they would much rather have a private conversation or chuckle along and then listen to what
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the citizens have to say. let us show you how little we think of you. we pay attention to the 1% who show up with a check in there hand or a lawyer by there side -- their side. the other 99%, we will cut it back to two minutes. and we will stand up to the side and we will play angry birds on our computers or all these other things. anything, anything is more important than what any member of the public has to say. i think talking to all those people on sfgtv -- get over it. you are among the 99%. the 1% -- as the board president said when talking about the big water development -- "the deal was in." we knew how you were going to
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vote. the bottom line is, we really don't give a damn what you, the citizens of this city, have to say. if you give up -- if you get up and make comments about it, we're going to ignore your. if you get to the point where you know your rights under the sunshine ordinance, which it says on each and every one of these agendas, we will fight you tooth and nail to keep you from getting the information you need to make meaningful and intelligent public comment. for example, i have been fighting for the last year with the city librarian to get financial arrangement information about the financial arrangements between the public library and the friends who raised $5 million a year and spend $6 million a year, and you cannot figure out what they're spending it on. when you look at the records, they will withhold the records
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from you. when you finally do get something, you find it neither the city librarian or the library commission is spending any attention at all for those millions of dollars raised. commissioner campos: thank you very much. next speaker please. seeing none, no -- public comment is closed. i do think having information about the executive director's report or the chair felt report would be helpful on the web site. madam clerk backs -- madam clerk? >> this is an information item. commissioner campos: welcome back. >> my report is on your desks. to the chair's point, it feels very good to be back. thank you for your remarks and your concern that all of you had expressed. i will try to be very brief.
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we are waiting for a puff of smoke in d.c. about the new transportation act, but i predict we will see an extension of the existing one first, because in order for that puff of smoke to happen, the final conference committee has to be released to the entire house and senate by tomorrow, and i'm not sure we're ready for that. so, we'll see a delay of days, or perhaps a week. there are some important issues at stake. and not talking about the keystone pipeline, which unfortunately as part of this debate. but things like the news starts program which the republicans in the house want to reduce in size.
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library projects and so on. and which the senate, of course wants to maintain at the current level. and the tiger program, which the house would like to zero out in the senate would like to maintain at $400 million a year. and we know the tiger program is very much all welcome program in the bay area, and particularly in san francisco in terms of key projects. so, i will keep you posted on this, but i am not holding my breath. at the risk of duplicating a little bit, i do want to take a moment to thank the chair and commissioner wiener. we would not have been so close without the very, very key work.
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this seems to be the point. we can recognize the work of some key people. let me start with our deputy director of the project for the distinguished work of minding all the details. financial closed is two words. but before the financial clothes, three books. this is what the contractors will have to follow. they really have to make sure we have a successful and trail blazing project, really, for california. i think the project is opening people's eyes and opportunities for other things, including
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high-speed rail. because that is what is going to guarantee that project is delivered on time, on schedule, and maintained for the last decade. that is a really fundamental change, and how ironic for san francisco to believe in what is outside the san francisco roadway project. so, i want to thank the joint venture for the invaluable expertise they brought during that time. i want to thank our partners at caltrans. they stuck with it. and of course, at our new partners -- our new partners. and that is made up of a german firm, which is an international
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construction services firm, and a french firm that provides financing services. and so, we are not only trill blazing in terms of california. the three terms that are designing and building the project are american firms. i do not think we could have a better mix. the commissioner's meeting on wednesday had he projects for san francisco that are for programming. 1 is $61 million and there is
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also $41 million in caltrans to control funding from the connectivity board. so, it would be there to represent those projects. there's also the federal transit in his projects that are there. if we do not get the funding ban, we lose it. -- if we do not get the funding then, we lose it. yes -- the special improvements project, $400,000 project, roughly. district 4 and district eighth are of four significant awards of money from the cdc and would be able to work with the mta to ensure it is not just funded,
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but to be delivered in a timely way. we have reached a milestone with the process of the environmental impact report. there are a couple of public events generally a happening right now. there is the final eir scoping meeting at the hotel to complete the process for this document. theeir -- the eir is expected to come out in draft form in december of this year. so, it is really important for the public to try to catch these public discussion sessions. very good news on the priority
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development area. we have two san francisco projects completing funding. $700,000. one is $500,000 for the treasure island study. that is really great news. the second one is the corridor project led by the planning department. that would be the steady along the new central subway corridor and its relationship to howard st.. this amounts to 20% of all the grant money. that shows san francisco's competitive edge.
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the very last thing i want to tell you, as you note from your actions in october 2011, we are moving because our building is going to be converted. we really will commit commit -- wellcome it, even though we have to move. we're moving starting this thursday and we will complete our move on july 2. i ask that you bear with us if we are not as prompt as you would like. we will be working, of course, and trying to keep everything going during this major, major move. even though i expect that things will go according to plan, but there may be a couple of glitches, especially with high tech stuff.
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i would like to think the director of finance administration for doing this all while she is on maternity leave, coming back to work several times, and also, i would like to thank our deputy for technology services to step in former. -- for her. we could not keep her away. she is trying to get logistics done. that concludes our report. i would be happy to answer any questions. commissioner campos: thank you. colleagues, any questions of our executive director? seeing none, why don't we open and up to public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk, could you call item no. 5.
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>> item 5 the exclusion of a legal documents there to -- and to take all the actions necessary connection with the issuance of such notes. >>commissioner campos: this is n item that came before the finance authority. we want to thank commissioner wiener for his work. i do have one speaker card. jackie sachs. and any other member of the public would like to speak on this item, please come forward. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is jackie sachs. this item has come before the citizens advisory committee for the last couple of years. i have been on the advisory
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committee since 1997, so i am very familiar with this item. it has always been passed by the cac. let's pass this item and let everything go forward, because it is very worthwhile. thank you very much. commissioner campos: thank you. any other member of the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. unless there are other questions, can we have all roll call on this item? >> [roll call vote] the item passes. commissioner campos: the item is approved. please call item no. 6. >> i'm -- item #6 pointappoint
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marlena cannon to the citizens' advisory committee. commissioner campos: is there any member of the public would like to comment on item number six? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an action item. can we take the same boat? commissioner avalos? commissioner avalos: thank you. yes, malrena -- marlena presented herself to the committee. this is recommended be approved. commissioner campos: thank you. we thank her for her willingness to serve. same house, call? please call item no. 7. >> item #7 -- select center lane bus rapid transit when rice said
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boarding/a single meridian and limited left turns as the local preferred alternative for the van ness avenue project and approve the draft van ness ave report. commissioner campos: we want to thank the staff of the mta for working very hard on this item. is really great to see that. there is a resolution that has been reached on this issue. is a very important project. commissioner avalos? commissioner avalos: thank you. i want to thank those at plans and programs for their patience. between meetings, they were briefed, and we're moving this forward with greater community input. i want to thank the transportation authority for there work -- their work on the
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alternative for van ness was rapid transit. i think it is an elegant solution to what appears to be a corrupt -- conundrum. commissioner campos: thank you. i do think this shows the creativity we have in the city and county of san francisco, oftentimes being able to think outside the box of. we have a number of speaker cards. i will call them out. [reading names] and any other member of the public would like to speak on this item, please come forward. >> hello. my name is michelle brant's. i am also concerned that i get the feeling you're not really listening to the people in the
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public. what i have to say is not just my opinion. i know these things have been communicated to mark farrell and two others on this commission. although your own study refers to what you call the nobel the alternative -- bo build alter native, for some reason, and i was on the citizens' advisory committee, this has not been studied to the same degree. the only explanation i was given was this is not funded to the same degree.
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if it causes real problems for the handicapped and seniors, they will have to go two blocks more once they get off. this is not a huge walking distance for most people, but it is for the handicapped, and it could so easily be dealt with by having stressed buses during rush hour and regular buses during whatever is considered the quiet time. also, the advantage of the no build alternative is to save at least $70 million. the only time difference you talking about to really put into the improvements for this
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alternative, the same ones that you're talking about for the center alternatives like fewer bus stops, all those other boarding, different signs for the buses -- if you put all those things into the alternatives, you're only talking about a couple years difference in saving time in transit. i know they do not say anything about experimenting with these buses. bay do not say anything about parking in the california street -- they do not say anything about parking in california street. so, i would advise you to pay attention -- commissioner campos: thank you. thank you. [inaudible] >> members of the committee --
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even when citizens, before you and say "will you please look at me, will you please listening to me?" you have better things to do. ipod watched her three minutes and for 30 seconds 1 supervisor looked her in the face. i guess if i did things like you did, i would one a look my constituents in the face either. one of my friends said "this is my friend ray. he will tell you things that even in your best friend will not tell you." i didn't know how to take that. i think people do not bother to come to these meetings because they know that you do not give a damn what they say.
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you will have conversations amongst yourselves. even the board president and mr. farrell and supervisor wiener -- commissioner campos: i would ask you to refer your comments to the entire commission. thank you. >> i know. that's a good way of deferring everyone being criticized. i have a right to say what i think about members of the body whose behavior i think is most egregious. you've really got to the point where you think 99% of the citizens of the city do not matter at all. i met the point where any of you are running for reelection, and
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voting for anyone else but you. commissioner campos: just a reminder -- >> i know we're not electioneering. commissioner campos: just a public comment on the specific item. >> and my public comment is a person came up here, very politely ask you to listen to what she had to say, and you just ignore hurt the entire time. commissioner campos: thank you. >> my name is george. i have lived in the corridor. we can look at the bold alternatives as well as the need to spend more on the options. i would like to say two things quickly today. one is the cost effectiveness calculations and also the reliability of the issues. i specifically request an understanding of where the cost effectiveness came from.
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can you turn on the overhead? the only way i can come up with the cost effectiveness that is quoted ais if every single rider gets the maximum time benefit. more reasonable numbers would easily come up with the cost effectiveness -- the second thing i want to speak to is the head by. it is the beginning of southbound at north point and van ness, which shows we have clustering of travelers who do
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not care what bus they are on, 47 or 49, during rush hour on van ness. 43% of the buses are within three minutes of each other by schedule. 17% -- 14% are within one minute. obviously, you add delays in, it's going to get worse. 69% of the bus time is outside the corridor. none of that is factored into reliability. furthermore, there is no actual reliability model presented. you cannot calculate it. it is only anticipated stocks that can be calculated in the model in the corridor. there is not a method or a guarantee since more than half the time, these buses are outside the court or. that is not going to change. however, you can do two things.
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you can get at least half of the improvements in public safety and reliability benefits by doing things michele was talked about, things that are ready and the plan. it needs to be done. commissioner campos: thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> good morning, again. my name is jackie sachs. i was at the planning committee when this came up for approval. i will tell you the same thing i told them. in alba -- i am for consideration because it is a
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study they have been working on for years. when you are working on the construction for the brt to be worked in the center divide, you also have to remember the cpfc has to come between geary and post. i think it is very crucial. whoever is working with the brt all have to get together and coordinate there time lines -- their time lines. commissioner campos: thank you,
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ma'am. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jason henderson. but just want to reiterate from the plans a program meeting, we are enthusiastically in support of the central lane hybrid option. we voted unanimously to endorse this project in the spring. on the bus rapid transit citizens advisory committee, we worked to tweak the alternatives over the past five years. so, there is a lot of support for this project, and especially having the school bus way in the center of van ness. doing nothing